Ana and Steve

About Me

I feel it is my obligation to testify of what Jesus has done to me and through me. As a follower of Jesus Christ I should give freely what I have freely received. I should not hold the good news for myself but spread the Gospel even to the farthest corners of the earth.


It was just a few years back that I started to realise that all I owned was never mine to begin with. Not even my possessions, earned with my own labor nor my desires or wishes. Not even my body or my soul. I found out that I have a heavenly creator who is my Father and that He loves me. He made me and therefor I am His. It was not long ago that I received His love for me and decided to be His faithful servant.

Ever since I am..


I am no longer a slave to sin but free and a child of God.

My Journey

Some condemn my journey, others are amazed. Most don’t understand but one thing is clear to all. Nothing in my life is the same, all is new.

In order to grow into something new one must let go of the old. The old takes through pride, control, self-preservation & individualism. The new serves through love, faith, obedience & humbleness. 

Jesus did not only made me whole and loosend me from the old but he made me brand new. As I was reborn a spiritual infant I am now growing more and more mature into the faith of salvation. I know now more who I am. That is a son of a holy Father who is in heaven. I am loved and I am forgiven, I am a child of God.

Jesus abides in me and I in Him. It is His love that is in my heart. And out of this heart I do what I do. Therefor all I do is not by my own strength but by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me.

All the glory to Jesus!


Gave my life to Jesus

Coming from first atheism followed by scientism and lastly New Age religion I was eager in finding truth but found lies. After many disappointments and acquiring many demons in the process I found Jesus and He set me free.


Quit my job

As an IT consultant I was making good money only to find myself locked up in a golden cage. I worked to uphold a futile sinful lifestyle that was no longer worth living for. Now I have a higher purpose, I serve Jesus to advance His eternal kingdom here on earth.


Left my city

Sin city Amsterdam is a great place to harvest the seekers but my environment was no longer meeting my hearts desire. Now I have a new family that builds me up, nurtures my spirit & helps me to grow into a man who is more like Jesus.


Left my country

Having a mix culture relationship brought me and my wife to the realisation that we need to grow on neutral ground outside our countries. Our identity is in Jesus now, not our cultural heritage. We are now building a new family in Christ on new soil.


Started a new life

From sinner to saint, IT consultant to farmer and from The Netherlands, through Switzerland, to Italy. All within a few short but highly turbulent years. With God all is possible. We have finally landed in Valenza where our new life as a family has begun.

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